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Spacebar Counter OR Clicker Online & Spacebar CPS Test

Spacebar Clicker

Wanna know how fast you can press the spacebar? Then, take the Spacebar speed test and find out!

This Spacebar Test relies on Press the Spacebar 2000 game, which lets you test your spacebar online.

What is Spacebar Counter?

Spacebar Counter, also known as spacebar clicker, helps you calculate the number of times you have pressed the spacebar in a given period.

If you want to know how fast you can click the spacebar, how fast can you click it? Hence, if you want to share your unbeatable score with your friends, family, or relatives, you must try the spacebar speed test online. This test will improve your tapping speed and enhance your gaming skills.

How does the Spacebar counter works?

As I mentioned, the Spacebar speed test counts how many times you can press the spacebar.

It is a time-based test, and you can choose the time interval for which you want to take the test.

Here are the steps to check your spacebar speed

  1. Visit the website ClickPerSecond.Com site and open the Spacebar Test Page.
  2. You will be greeted by the ‘Press the Spacebar challenge’ welcome screen having a Start button in the right bottom corner.
  3. Hit the start button.
  4. You will see five time-limit spacebar timers on the screen. Choose among 1 seconds, 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 100 seconds counter to run the test.
  5. You will also have your high scores just adjacent to the period options.
  6. Now, choose the time interval by clicking on it.
  7. Start pressing the space bar as fast as you can and see How quickly you can hit the space bar.
  8. A countdown timer on the screen will show how much is left.
  9. After the time is over, you will see the ‘Click to See Your Score’ button. Click it to find out how many times can you click the space bar?

Our Spacebar speed test allows you to submit your score and save your Best scores for each interval.

Then, you can ask your friends to take the spacebar challenge and beat your score!

You can always click ‘Retry’ to practice more and increase your speed of pressing the spacebar.

How do I Increase my Space Bar Clicker Speed?

The first and foremost thing you should do to hit the spacebar as quickly as possible is to play the spacebar game to challenge yourself.

With practice, you will be able to press the space bar faster.

Next, if you are exhausted, you can hit the spacebar button continuously to shift your fingers. Don’t tap the spacebar clicker with the same finger.

The use of a high-quality PC Keyboard also gives you a lead over others in clicking the spacebar counter faster.

List of the Best Space bar Game

Here is the list of top spacebar games for you to challenge your spacebar speed skills.

Spacebar fishing game: This is an entertaining game that works on your phone too.

You have to press and hold the space bar, or if you are on your phone, you can tap the screen to move the anchor to catch the fish as fast as possible.

Dino Runner Game: Challenge yourself to take the famous chrome dino, Trex, as far as you possibly can by jumping over the obstacles which come across your path.

It is also one of the most played space bar games online.

Flappy block game: Like a flappy bird game, this game also has the same objective: to go as far as possible, but you have a “block” instead of a bird this time.

Spacebar Challenge On TikTok

Spacebar Challenge On TikTok

This Space bar click test became viral on TikTok. The Space bar game challenge went so viral that it has crossed 4.5 million views on TikTok.

Every week, the challenge happened where all people recorded themselves, taking a quiz that counts how many times someone can hit their computer’s spacebar in 30 seconds.

Other Methods to improve Spacebar Speed Test

Apart from Press the Spacebar game on our website, there are few other methods that you can use to improve your spacebar speed.

I am listing some alternate ways for checking the spacebar speed below for your consideration.

Tynker: It is an online platform for kids to learn coding. A user has created a spacebar test using the Tynker code tools.

It allows the user to count the number of times the user presses the spacebar. The count appears in the middle of the screen.

Users can take the test in freestyle mode without any time limitations.

Sporcle: Sporcle is another excellent website that offers a spacebar challenge.

This test aims to challenge users to see if they can press the spacebar 300 times in 1 minute.

There’s no specific reason behind taking only 1 minute, but the spacebar test is entertaining and challenging and entertaining at the same time.

10fastfingers: If you are a typing enthusiast, you must have heard of the website

It allows users to take customized typing tests to improve typing skills. The website features a custom space bar test which you can play in practice mode.

Using this website, you can find out how fast you can type text with spacebar taps.

Zimm-co: This is another website that offers a fun and entertaining spacebar clicker.

There are three modes you can play, i.e., 5-second, 10-second, and 20-second modes.

The count of spacebar presses appears on the screen after the time you selected gets over.

Spacebar Counter Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you click the spacebar?

That depends on your dedication and practice. Time duration is also a major factor. In an average second, a person can click the space bar 8 to 11 times. Similarly, if we talk about spacebar clicks, the average clicking speed would be 40 to 50 times in 5 seconds. However, the longer the time duration, the lower your average Spacebar CPS Speed would be. People get distracted or lose focus and control when they keep hitting the spacebar for a long time.

How many times can you press the spacebar in 5 Seconds?

When you click the space bar with an average speed, as most people do, you should have 40 to 50 clicks within 5 seconds. I have clicked 52 times in 5 seconds. That took multiple tries and a lot of practice.

How many times can you press the spacebar in 10 Seconds?

In 10 seconds, people press the space bar 70 to 100 times on average. Pressing more than that would be considered faster than most people do in 10 seconds. It depends on your focus and calmness. The more focused you are, the better results you will achieve. When I tried, I got 108 Space bar hits in 10 seconds.

How to improve the spacebar click speed test?

I mentioned the above-average space bar clicking speed. There is no need to repeat the same questions. You can improve your space bar tapping speed by practicing more and more. Be focused and calm when testing your space bar tapping speed.

Test, calculate and improve the speed of your mouse button clicking with our awesome mouse CPS Tester.

How fast can I press the spacebar?

Practicing pressing the space bar faster is also a skill that can be improved with time. I tried this Space bar click counter as an answer to this question. As I am not a professional gamer and just a normal mortal, my space bar clicking score can be considered. According to my personal experience, someone can press the space bar six to seven times in a second (tried the spacebar clicker tool for 5 seconds).


Hopefully, this space bar clicker test will help you determine how fast you can press the spacebar.

I enjoy this test, and my high score in the 5-second mode is 56. What’s your high score? Tell me in the comments section below.